Primus Klunken Bottle 0.5L Mint from Shooos COM

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Practical, ecological and, last but not least, stylish – this is the new Klunken bottle from the Primus workshop. It was designed to fit perfectly into the side pocket of a Kånken backpack (except for the Kånken Mini and Kånken Laptop 13 " models) and could accompany you on your way to school or work, but also on various other errands around town and trips to nature.

It all started in a small blacksmith workshop in central Stockholm back in 1892, when F.W. Lindqvist and J.V. Svenson created the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove! As it was the first, they decided to call it Primus (meaning first). The name became synonymous with reliable stoves and the stoves became the primary choice for people heading off on both first ascents and demanding expeditions. One of the milestone adventures was when Roald Amundsen became the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911. Another milestone is the one of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary at Mount Everest in 1953, making them the first people to reach the summit.

The outdoor community kept growing and growing and in 1994 we opened the doors to our factory in Tartu, Estonia in order to meet the demand. Our commitment to guarantee the highest quality standard products ‘made in Europe’ continues to be key in the production. To date, Primus remains one of the few stove manufacturer who still produces its stoves in Europe. Each step, from initial design through to production is done internally in the RaD facility as well as out in the field. Every single product undergoes extensive testing and intense quality control procedures, which involves firing up each and every stove, before they leave the factory. We do this to ensure that all stoves become a truly reliable, life-long companion.

Primus Klunken Bottle 0.5L Mint

Primus Klunken Bottle 0.5L Mint

Primus Klunken Bottle 0.5L Mint