ZINO Anti-Dark Spot Serum 15ml, from Cosme-De.com

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ZINO Anti-Dark Spot Serum has the following features:Contains award-winning ingredient MALAVOID, Vitamin B3 and 9 natural fruit and floral extracts that reduce Tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis, thus reducing spotsDiminishes freckles, UV spots and dark spots.Reduced Tyrosinase activity by 55% and melanin synthesis by 34% in 9 days.

ZINO  Anti-Dark Spot Serum 15ml,

ZINO Anti-Dark Spot Serum 15ml,


ZINO Eyelash Enhancing Serum 7ml, from Cosme-De.com

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ZINO Eyelash Enhance Serum rich in active follicles and natural ingredients, the ZINO Eyelash Enhancing Serum can penetrate into your eyelash and effectively stimulates its growth within 14 days. It can be used alone to make a curly eyelashuse, or as eyebrow gel and as mascara base that naturally protects your eyelash from artificial damages.ZINO Eyelash Enhance Serum contains active follicles stimulate the eyelash growth, natural plant extract strengthen the eyelash.

ZINO  Eyelash Enhancing Serum 7ml,

ZINO Eyelash Enhancing Serum 7ml,


ZINO Lash Builder 5ml, from Cosme-De.com

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ZINO Lash Builder is a drug-free, natural alternative for those with not enough eyelashes. Apply product onto lashed as directed and notice visibly longer, thicker, stronger lashed in just 2 weeks.24 Hrs Eyelash Conditioning SystemThe 24 hours Eyelash Conditioning System of ZINO Lash Builder can deliver at the cellular level to feed lashes with nature powerful ingredients. Which can improve eyelash length and density.Powerful ingredients to stimulate the eyelash growthNatural plant extract strengthen the eyelashUse alone to make a curly eyelashUse as mascara base to protects from artificial damages

ZINO  Lash Builder 5ml,

ZINO Lash Builder 5ml,


ZINO Instant Smooth Cream 20g, from Cosme-De.com

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ZINO Instant Smooth Cream patented French formula with special silky-smooth and oil-free care which leaving a perfect smooth skin in 15 seconds. This cream can be used as under make-up and your make-up will last longer.ZINO Instant Smooth Cream gives complexion perfect smooth and refresh, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores or hollows, retaines essential moisture and moisturize skin.Hyaluronic Filling SpheresThey will lock a large quantity of water molecules and glide into the superficial layers of the epidermis. They act like a sponge – rehydrate the skin as they expand and fill in the wrinkles, lines and enlarged pores.Soft Focus PigmentIt embellishes the complexion including fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores or hollows. This correcting pigment erases the irregularities of our skin relief, thanks to its remarkable optical effect.Vitamin EIt is a strong anti-oxidant agent which protects cells against free-radicals. It also has the moisturizing and smoothing properties.

ZINO  Instant Smooth Cream 20g,

ZINO Instant Smooth Cream 20g,


ZINO Bubble Mask Pore Cleansing 50ml, from Cosme-De.com

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ZINO Bubble Mask Pore Cleansing developed by Korean Dermatologist and authorized tomanufactoure. Fine and rich bubbles take away waste and makeup residues from pores. It prevents the skin from being glossy with excess sebum and provides the felling of freshness. It offers the deep-cleansing with soft bubbles and control oil balance. Helping in absorption of activated ingredients and present the smooth and moist skin texture.

ZINO  Bubble Mask Pore Cleansing 50ml,

ZINO Bubble Mask Pore Cleansing 50ml,


ZINO Hydra BB Super Cream SPF35 PA+++ 30g, from Cosme-De.com

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ZINO Hydra BB Super Cream is a multi-functional BB Cream for balancing skin tone, soothing wrinkle, refining pore, whitening and moisturizing with SPF 35 & PA++ sun blocking protection. It can be used independently or before make up.The Unique formula with Hyaluronic Acid, keep skin in moisture status. Hyaluronic Acid can fill and lock moisture in the skin. Soothing wrinkle and dry skin.The Unique ingredient Hydrolyzed Silk Powder which can conceal blemish, dark circle, imperfection by using nature lighting. Anti-glossy function also can be found in Hydrolyzed Silk Powder. It keeps your skin clear and make your make-up long lasting

ZINO  Hydra BB Super Cream SPF35 PA+++ 30g,

ZINO Hydra BB Super Cream SPF35 PA+++ 30g,


ZINO Dark Circle Removal Golden Eye Mask 30pairs, from Cosme-De.com

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Say Good-bye to Dark Circles! 20 Mins Diminish Dark Eye Circles, Completely remove your dark eye circle!ZINO Dark Circle Removal Golden Eye Mask, developed by Korean Professional Dermatologist and authorized to manufacture, combines post-care of cosmetic surgery technology and efficient ingredients such as colloidal gold and caviar extract, which can address the different causes of dark eye circles.Anti-dark Circles Colloidal Gold Caviar x Patented Medical FormulaCaviar Extract x Colloidal GoldEach Eye Mask contains concentrated Caviar Extract and Colloidal Gold. Colloidal gold can balance positive and negative ions, improve skin metabolism and micro-circulation. Caviar Extract directly increase collagen proliferation, refresh and boost up eye skin, as well as remove dark eye circle and eye bags.Patented MelavaxInstantly increase collagen reborn, promote micro-circulation helps reduce fluid and skin elasticity. Continuous use helps to improve skin firmness, remove dark circles and eye bags under eyes.Patented GreenolPowerful Anti-oxidation effect, improve eye skin texture by soothing and moisturizing skin, as well as increase anti-oxidations. Reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Brightened and smooth eye skin is restored.

ZINO  Dark Circle Removal Golden Eye Mask 30pairs,

ZINO Dark Circle Removal Golden Eye Mask 30pairs,


ZINO Anti-Yellowish Serum 15ml, from Cosme-De.com

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Medical Grade Anti-Yellowish – ZINO Anti-Yellowish Serum – restores translucent and luminous skin!The first sign of skin aging – Yellowish SkinSkin aging starts from face, while yellowish skin is the first sign. However, Asian skin cannot decompose yellow pigments; result in aging skin cells accumulate in the dermal layer, and accelerating skin cells aging. Hence, Asians encounter yellowish and dull complexion, as well as early-aging problems.Intensive anti-aging, remove dull and yellowish skinSkin pigments accumulation will increase with the causes of degeneration of skin metabolism, cell oxidation and glycation. ZINO Anti-Yellowish Serum contains Brassica Oleracea Italica Extract, White Tea Extract, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), can improve anti-oxidation and anti-glycation, promote cell reborn, totally remove dull and yellowish skin, a translucent and luminous skin is restored!Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – Proliferate repair and reborn skin cells, also remove old stratum corneum. It improves evenness of skin tone, radiance and clarity, a translucent and smooth skin is restored.Brassica Oleracea Italica Extract – Improve anti-glycation, prevent cell degeneration, it also contains concentrated sulforaphane and Vitamin C, both of them enhance removing yellowish pigments and remove skin dullness, improve skin elasticity and anti-aging.White Tea Extract – With high concentrated polyphenols, so its anti-oxidation is 3 times of other green tea; it can enhance anti-UVA and prevent free radicals oxidation. Also, its Vitamin E is natural oxidants that further enhance skin brightening.

ZINO  Anti-Yellowish Serum 15ml,

ZINO Anti-Yellowish Serum 15ml,


ZAO Mineral Silk Mineral Powder Foundation 501 Clear Beige, 0.53oz, 15g from Cosme-De.com

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ZAO Mineral Silk Mineral Powder Foundation has the following features: Organic mineral powder foundation. Talc-free. 100 % natural ingredients. Al least 32 % of the ingredients are from organic farming. Suitable for vegetarian. Suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin.

ZAO  Mineral Silk Mineral Powder Foundation 501 Clear Beige, 0.53oz, 15g

ZAO Mineral Silk Mineral Powder Foundation 501 Clear Beige, 0.53oz, 15g


ZINO Activating Gold Essence Water 130ml, from Cosme-De.com

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ZINO Activating Gold Essence Water, by promoting cell reborn and collagen rebuilt, can help improving skin problems, such as dullness, roughness, dryness, white bumps, large pores, wrinkles, sagging, freckles and irritations. A flawless and youthful skin is restored in one night.Gold Magic : Activating skin rebornThe essence water contains 999 gold, through the ionizing effects. It helps the blood circulation for promoting cell reborn, collagen rebuilt, and anti-free radical and anti-melanin. A translucent skin is instantly restored.Patented Formula : Collagen rebuiltBy combining the patented ingredient Gatuline® Expression and hydrolyzed collagen, elastin and collagen are instantly rebuilt, preventing wrinkle formation and improving sagging skin.Human Affinity : Healthy and Deep moistThe essence water contains concentrated hyaluronic acid and Tremella Fuciformis extract, with their human affinity structure, can immediately hydrate derma skin and balance oil secretion. With the help of allantoin, the anti-inflammation property can further prevent skin irritations.Suitable for all skin types.

ZINO  Activating Gold Essence Water 130ml,

ZINO Activating Gold Essence Water 130ml,